Public transport in 2050 according to…

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Three artists, three cultures, three visions of the world. We gave them carte blanche to express what they think public transport will look like in 2050. An exhilaratingly fresh take on mobility!



« Thinking ahead to 2050, I’m optimistic. I see all our energy being renewable and all our water filtered and reusable. Our cities will be in harmony with nature. There won’t be any cars. Instead we’ll rely on safe and comfortable public transport or alternatively we’ll simply walk or bike. We’ll also use virtual reality headsets (made from recycled materials, of course) to travel by flying carpet, hot air balloon or winged horse… »

Powerpaola was born in 1977 in Quito, Ecuador, and, at a young age, moved to Colombia. She is currently finishing an animated adaptation of her first graphic novel “Virus Tropical” and lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Les transports publics en 2050 selon…


« I wonder whether we’ll have flying cars by 2050. In reality, I don’t think many cars will actually fly. But seeing how popular drones have become, I think there’s a good chance our skies will be filled in one way or another. I’m not sure what type of vehicles they’ll be though. Most will be autonomous, but I doubt they’ll be able to fly. That would just congest the skies. So I reckon only public transport services will be allowed to operate in the air, using large flying buses. »

Tatsuro was born in Tokyo in 1966. He’s worked for clients such as The New Yorker, United Airlines, The Royal Mail and Starbucks. He’s a member of the Tokyo Illustrators Society.


Les transports publics en 2050 selon…


« By 2050, I hope most public transport will be electric and more sustainable. I think many people will be working from home, meaning fewer commutes. We’ll also have more urban nature. Cities will all have their own Elon Musk Hyperloop, and cars will be autonomous. Extra-wide buses – the size of trains – will be solar and wind powered and their huge windows will double up as screens. »

Timo is a freelance illustrator based in Amsterdam. His art can be described as bold, graphic and minimal. He combines personal work with commercial commissions. He has been working with Facebook, Monocle, Adobe, Bloomberg, Twitter and WeTransfer among others.


Sur le vif

Captured live

Public transport routes are like water channels criss‑crossing cities, irrigating their different districts. Each line tells, in its own way, the chapter of a bigger story. Inspirational stuff for artists and photographers in particular, always on the look out to get a unique shot. Situations, faces and moods brought together by urban transport. Realist, dream‑like, funny and sometimes moving… discover in the following pages the many facets of New York, London and Singapore. Three cities revealed by their transport systems.

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Boda Boda Style

Boda Boda motorcycle taxis are a common feature of urban transport in East Africa, weaving their passengers through congested city streets. There are so many of them that some drivers build fantastically-themed motorcycles to attract the attention of those seeking a ride. Ugandan-Kenyan fashion designer Bobbin Case and Dutch artist Jan Hoek were so fascinated by the creativity of some Boda Boda drivers in Nairobi, that they decided to collaborate on a project, ‘Boda Boda Madness’, which saw them design dazzling new outfits to match customized bikes in the Kenyan capital.

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