For some time now, the mobility sector has been profoundly impacted by a new concept: Mobility as a Service, or MaaS for short. It is often touted as revolutionary, although a little humility may be needed when MaaS is put in perspective. There won’t be any Big Bang on the horizon, as long as technology isn’t yet matched by the political will or the right system of governance to steer people away from single occupancy car use. Regardless of how innovative it is, one new application won’t change the landscape until two fundamental needs are met: a diverse multimodal mobility offer, tailored to specific local requirements, and a fully satisfactory door-to-door passenger experience on the ground.

Any MaaS project needs to be backed by a proactive, pragmatic and progressive governance that brings together all mobility players in the region. This is where the real revolution lies.

In this issue of Pulse, we reflect on the concept of MaaS. We also bring you a host of articles looking at various initiatives and different viewpoints and perspectives. Because it’s only by embracing a strategy of openness and working together that we’ll be able to drive mobility forward.

Kara Livingston
Keolis Group Marketing Director