In today’s fast changing world, people expect transport to be more personalised, digitised and kinder to the environment. Mobility must rise to these and other challenges, while continuing to provide high-quality services every day.
This is what we strive to do. We see these challenges as a tremendous opportunity to develop bold, innovative approaches that keep us ahead of the game and better meet the needs of citizens everywhere.
These advanced solutions are the focus of this new magazine, Pulse, designed especially for you. Whether you’re an operator, policymaker, researcher or urban planner in any part of the world, we’ll keep your finger on the pulse with insights and analysis on all the rapidly evolving trends in transportation and mobility.
Informative but accessible, Pulse will keep you on the cusp of all the latest developments worldwide. We want to inspire and enlighten you, with the aim of working together to develop mobility services that are more shared, sustainable and passenger-centric, creating a better experience for all.

Enjoy your magazine.

Jean-Pierre Farandou
Keolis CEO