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Soviet bus stops

Canadian photographer Christopher Herwig chanced upon a remarkable number of striking and often flamboyant bus stops from the soviet era during a long-distance bike trip from London to St. Petersburg in 2002. His discovery sparked a fascination for these forgotten gems designed by local artists and architects to glorify public transport. For the next 15 years, his quest to unearth more of these weird and wonderful structures took him across 14 countries and 30,000 km.

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From Jules Verne and Mark Twain to Agatha Christie and Paula Hawkins, mobility has proved an endless source of inspiration for writers the world over. French author Carole Martinez continues the tradition with a short story written especially for this issue of Pulse.

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Idées folles, idées fortes

Crazy ideas, genius ideas

An engineer, born in Quebec in 1974, Charles Bombardier is the grandson of the inventor of the snowmobile. His love of innovation and motorised engines were the driving force behind the creation of Imaginactive in 2013, a platform that promotes innovation and industrial creation.

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Sur le vif

Captured live

Public transport routes are like water channels criss‑crossing cities, irrigating their different districts. Each line tells, in its own way, the chapter of a bigger story. Inspirational stuff for artists and photographers in particular, always on the look out to get a unique shot. Situations, faces and moods brought together by urban transport. Realist, dream‑like, funny and sometimes moving… discover in the following pages the many facets of New York, London and Singapore. Three cities revealed by their transport systems.

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La grande épopée de la petite reine

A brief history of our two-wheeled companions

Bicycles have been around for some 200 years. Since their invention, they have certainly evolved! So let’s back-pedal and take a look at the key stages in the history of bikes.

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Public transport in 2050 according to…

Three artists, three cultures, three visions of the world. We gave them carte blanche to express what they think public transport will look like in 2050. An exhilaratingly fresh take on mobility!

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Montez le son !

Pump up the volume!

Metros, trains, stations and all those who frequent these busy transit areas are a source of endless inspiration for artists. In the eyes of composers and musicians, trains become allegories, the metro ticket inspector turns into a gentle dreamer, the city’s effervescence is transposed into rhythms… After all, it’s only natural that music echoes our lives.
For Pulse, Fred Charbaut, a specialist music journalist and co-founder of Paris’s Saint-Germain-des-Prés Jazz Festival, presents a musical selection inspired by the world of public transport. Tracks and stories to (re)discover.

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