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Gaming to solve real-world transport challenges

Buses, trains and metros can be superheroes, too! Among the dozens of transport management games on the market, you won’t find any superheroes, swords or high-speed chases. What they offer instead are simulations of the real world with all its complexities – and the considerable challenge of managing them as effectively as possible. This “strategy game” sub-category is virtually unknown to the general public but has hundreds of online fan communities and YouTubers pushing its content, as well as annual refresher updates for the most popular titles. We look at some of the classics of the genre, covering everything from urban planning to transport network management and even driving simulators.

Pulse #8 3 MIN

What if carbon footprint were the new currency?

Our light-hearted comic strip takes a look at the (serious) stakes involved in a more desirable future.

Pulse #8 2 MIN

Wonderful machines

Too far ahead of their time or simply unviable, many new forms of transport hailed as
“revolutionary” failed to get off the ground. With the exception of perhaps the scooter, which was conceived as a toy in the 1930s, it’s hard to qualify the invention of any vehicle as creating a revolution in mobility since the great inventions of the 19th and early 20th century, namely trains, motor cars and buses and aeroplanes. However, many of the also‑rans presented here provided inspiration for modes of tranpost which did find a place in today’s mobility mix.

Pulse #7 3 MIN

Railway modelling, or the meanderings of the imagination

Counting a million followers around the world, railway modelism is above all a space of freedom and creation. An opportunity to withdrawn from everyday life a few hours a week, or even more, to express a wide variety of interests.

Pulse #6 6 min

Transport careers: all change!

E-mobility is expanding its reach. Vehicles are becoming autonomous, while advanced data crunching makes travel easier and safer. In cities, more and more people walk, pedal, share and use multiple transport modes. What impact will this have on job trends in the shared mobility sector?

Pulse #6 6 min

Soviet bus stops

Canadian photographer Christopher Herwig chanced upon a remarkable number of striking and often flamboyant bus stops from the soviet era during a long-distance bike trip from London to St. Petersburg in 2002. His discovery sparked a fascination for these forgotten gems designed by local artists and architects to glorify public transport. For the next 15 years, his quest to unearth more of these weird and wonderful structures took him across 14 countries and 30,000 km.

Pulse #5 2 min


From Jules Verne and Mark Twain to Agatha Christie and Paula Hawkins, mobility has proved an endless source of inspiration for writers the world over. French author Carole Martinez continues the tradition with a short story written especially for this issue of Pulse.

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