Innovation, creativity, a look at what others are doing around the world.

Innovation: not whithout my “lab”!

Far from a passing trend, innovation ecosystems are driving a fresh, more open approach to experimentation, ushering in exciting new mobility solutions. Numerous major cities, public transport authorities and operators have already come onboard, creating their own innovation hubs.

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A delicate balancing act reducing network congestion through TDM*

What happens when a metro or train system reaches maximum capacity and it’s no longer possible to extend the network or add more rolling stock? *Travel Demand Management (TDM) is all about improving the flow of public transport systems by adjusting travel demand. For large cities, this mass transit management solution could be a game‑changer.

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Covid-19: What impact on mobility?

A dramatic drop in routine journeys, fear of exposure to the virus on public transport, new aspirations and a longing for a change in lifestyle — the coronavirus pandemic has shifted priorities, compelling transport operators to reinvent their businesses.

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5G driving a wave of change?

By speeding download times, reducing latency and giving a big boost to the internet of things, the fifth generation of mobile networking (5G) could radically change the way we travel. As frequency allocation has begun in 50 or more countries, here’s an overview of new possible uses.

Pulse #6 3 min

Shared mobility rebooted

We’ve seen a radical shift in travel habits in recent months due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown that ensued. Cities around the world have been exploring new avenues in response to stricter hygiene requirements and the need to rebuild passenger confidence. Here’s a look at five inspiring trends that have shaped up.

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Electric retrofit: anything but retro!

Converting a diesel bus to electric drive rather than replacing the entire vehicle is an attractive idea for cities keen to speed up their ecological transition. Around the world, electric retrofit initiatives of diesel bus are taking shape. And while this technology is developing unevenly, it could be a real opportunity to reduce bus fleets’ carbon footprints.

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A brief history of hydrogen mobility

Since the 18th century this chemical element – one of the most common in the Universe – keeps revolutionising mobility. A look back at the transport modes pioneering its exploitation.

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