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A brief history of hydrogen mobility

Since the 18th century this chemical element – one of the most common in the Universe – keeps revolutionising mobility. A look back at the transport modes pioneering its exploitation.

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Green is the new black!

Sustainability is at the heart of the initiatives shaping the future of shared mobility – delivering cleaner, more efficient solutions that better meet the needs and aspirations of all!

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BRT: sizing up to the mobility challenges ahead!

A vital part of the mobility mix all around the world, the humble bus is evolving to deliver an even better service. From Pau to Mexico city, Amiens to Bangkok, bus rapid transit (BRT) is proving popular. More modern, more comfortable and with more capacity than conventional buses, but cheaper than a tram or metro network, it’s winning over a lot of transport authorities and passengers alike.

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Fare dodging – ever been tempted?

Whether it’s opportunistic or organised, fare evasion on public transport is no minor issue. Around the world, transit networks everywhere face one or more of multiple and constantly shifting types of fare evasion. Pulse uncovers the economic and social realities behind this global bane and explores potential solutions to effectively tackle it.

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How can we tackle fare evasion?

A focus on the main solutions tested and approved by operators and Public Transport Authorities to efficiently tackle fare evasion.

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“Fending off fare evasion calls for constant vigilance.”

Xavier Arrufat, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Barcelona-based AWAAIT* Artificial Intelligence, proposes a pragmatic approach to tackling fare evasion. He argues that detecting fare dodging and targeting ticket inspections are key to an effective fare compliance system.

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Hydrogen, the fuel of the future?

Hydrogen mobility is gaining real traction. All around the world, h-powered buses are starting to appear in our cities. The benefits are significant: they don’t pollute, they don’t make any noise, they’re quick to refuel and they offer greater range than the equivalent battery-powered vehicle. So, does hydrogen herald the future of shared mobility?

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