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Effective responses to security on public transport

In addition to dealing with general public safety issues, public transport networks face specific kinds of anti-social behaviour, such as passengers flouting rules and regulations and everyday tensions that can arise in shared public spaces. To tackle these challenges, French public transport authorities and operators are strengthening their strategies through a threefold prevention-deterrence-fare enforcement approach. Pulse reviews the most effective levers available.

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The road to universal accessibility

In the world of mobility, accessibility is an ongoing issue and its scope continues to expand.

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“Decarbonization is paved with avoidable risks”

What lessons can we learn from public policies to decarbonize passenger mobility in France? What will be the contribution of the five levers we can act on between now and 2050? Aurélien Bigo, researcher in the field of energy transition in transportation, shares his thoughts, based on his study of the various scenarios.

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Mobility and CO2 – an irreconcilable duo?

Not only is the transport sector the world’s biggest producer of GHG emissions due to its dependency on fossil fuels, but economic and demographic growth over the last four decades have resulted in a dramatic increase in its carbon footprint.

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Trains, on track for endless recycling!

Spurred by the increasingly urgent need to cut greenhouse gas emissions, the transport sector is rethinking the processes used to create its rolling stock. More responsibly designed materials and systems are either dismantled for reuse in other carriages and locomotives or broken up and stripped down for recycling and transformation into secondary raw materials or new products.

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Innovation: not whithout my “lab”!

Far from a passing trend, innovation ecosystems are driving a fresh, more open approach to experimentation, ushering in exciting new mobility solutions. Numerous major cities, public transport authorities and operators have already come onboard, creating their own innovation hubs.

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A delicate balancing act reducing network congestion through TDM*

What happens when a metro or train system reaches maximum capacity and it’s no longer possible to extend the network or add more rolling stock? *Travel Demand Management (TDM) is all about improving the flow of public transport systems by adjusting travel demand. For large cities, this mass transit management solution could be a game‑changer.

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