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Micromobility: abiding by the rules?

The growing popularity of micromobility or personal mobility devices (PMDs) – monowheels, hoverboards, free‐ floating electric mopeds and scooters – in many cities worldwide, is highlighting the need for specific rules and regulations. Pulse met with transport directors from two major cities, Paris and Singapore, to find out more about their experiences and convictions.

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A MaaS revolution?

Mobility as a Service is a customer-centric approach to mobility based on the aggregation of transport services within a single interface, most of the time a mobile app. By offering a combination of different real-time on-demand modes on a designated trip, it represents apromising solution for reducing single-occupancy car usage. But can it really revolutionise the way we design, think and use transport? To find out, Pulse caught up with Piia Karjalainen, Senior Manager, MaaS Alliance.

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Mobilité urbaine : pourquoi les villes doivent prendre l’initiative face au digital

Digital urban mobility: what role for the transport authorities?

Digitalisation affects all human and industrial activities world wide. Digitalisation consists of three closely linked dimensions, namely data generation and storage (from more and more sources and in bigger and bigger quantities), data exchange (bigger volumes, increasingly in real time) and data analysis (bigger amounts of data, thanks to more and more sophisticated algorithms).

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