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“The Green Deal must guide our strategy to get the economy back on its feet”

In light of the Covid crisis, public transport authorities need to develop a new strategy facilitating a modal shift in mobility solutions. According to UITP General Secretary Mohamed Mezghani, this is a prerequisite to the success of Europe’s Green Deal, which aims to achieve carbon neutrality for all EU countries by 2050.

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Our changing perceptions of space and time

Have attitudes to mobility changed since the outbreak of the pandemic? Will there be a lasting impact on the relationship between home, work and travel? To find out the answers to these questions and more, Pulse spoke to Nathalie Ortar, a senior researcher in social anthropology with the Transport, Urban Planning and Economics Laboratory (LAET).

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Research on the move!

Here are some of the projects led by Carlo Ratti Associati and the MIT SENSEable City Lab.

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Sense and the city

Here at Pulse, we wanted to know what the ‘ideal’ city would look like. How can we change cities for the better, what new technologies could help drive that change, and where does sustainable mobility fit in? So, we spoke to internationally renowned architect, engineer and inventor Carlo Ratti, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he’s at the helm of the MIT SENSEable City Lab — a research group advocating for a city that senses and responds, where the interaction between inhabitants and their urban environment is fostered through technology.

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Shining a light on invisible vulnerabilities

Difficulties with technology, language barriers, long-term disorders, anxiety and convalescence are all factors that affect the way people get around without necessarily fitting the description of what we generally think of as a disability. Éric Chareyron, who heads up the Keolis Mobility Trends Observatory Keoscopie, tells us more about these vulnerabilities and their possible solutions.

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The car: a new shared mobility solution?

A single “carshare” can replace up to 13 private cars and reduce each user’s greenhouse emissions by as much as 41%. The model underpinning our use of private cars is being called into question. But what if the car had a real future as part of a MaaS (Mobility as a Service) ecosystem?

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“Unless transport authorities are involved, no long-term change will happen.”

Interview with Xavier Corouge, Managing Director of Europcar’s Urban Mobility business unit.

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