Success stories, sagas, challenges met together.

En route to a greater Paris

In April 2009, the then French president Nicolas Sarkozy concluded his speech outlining the Greater Paris project by emphasizing the decisive role to be played by transport. As a result, a better balance between the mobility solutions available in Paris and in its suburbs became the cornerstone for the creation of a global metropolis in step with the 21st century — the world’s third-largest in terms of surface area (12,000 sq. km), behind Greater New York and Greater Tokyo.

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Three cities, three transformations

Mobility supports a city’s growth and development, but it can also bring about genuine transformation. To understand how this dynamic works and continues to evolve, Pulse looks at three of the world’s major cities or capitals. We take in Vienna, where the city’s century‑old tram network remains the epicentre of demographic and societal transformations, Tokyo, where the world’s densest urban rail network is transcending its physical limits to become an integral part of this smart city, and Strasbourg, a pioneer of low‑carbon mobility which is bringing the bicycle back into today’s consumption equation.

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Lessons from Shanghai

Last winter, public transport in China’s economic capital was hit by a major crisis that went on to affect cities around the world. Today, as its passengers return and its projects resume, Shanghai Keolis shares the valuable lessons learned during this challenging time.

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A breath of fresh air!

2020 saw estimates of pollution-related deaths revised upward, fears of a resurgence of car use due to the pandemic and the EU reprimanding member states for failing to act more decisively. This year has been marked by an intensification of expectations in terms of air quality. But there are positive signs: numerous cities and even an entire country are pushing ahead with practical measures and making mobility a powerful driver of change.

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Cyberabad dreams

Ten million people. Five million vehicles. One of the largest public-private partnership transport projects in the world. Can the pioneering new metro of Hyderabad, in India, pave the way towards a shared mobility culture in a city teeming with private vehicles?

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Un retour aux origines de la création

A blissful return to the simplicity of creation

As Melbourne Festival is putting final touches to its 2018 program – to be announced late July –, we sat with its Artistic Director, Jonathan Holloway, to find out more about the Melbourne Art Trams project.

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Melbourne : l’art en mouvement

Melbourne’s moving artworks

Created in the late seventies, the Melbourne Art Tram wraps public tramways with artworks. The result of a creative partnership between different players in the city. The idea is to give people the opportunity to be touched by original Melbournian artworks. Returning after a 20‑year interlude, the project’s blending of public transport and great local artists has proven hugely popular.

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