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Cyberabad dreams

Ten million people. Five million vehicles. One of the largest public-private partnership transport projects in the world. Can the pioneering new metro of Hyderabad, in India, pave the way towards a shared mobility culture in a city teeming with private vehicles?

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Un retour aux origines de la création

A blissful return to the simplicity of creation

As Melbourne Festival is putting final touches to its 2018 program – to be announced late July –, we sat with its Artistic Director, Jonathan Holloway, to find out more about the Melbourne Art Trams project.

Pulse #2 5 min
Melbourne : l’art en mouvement

Melbourne’s moving artworks

Created in the late seventies, the Melbourne Art Tram wraps public tramways with artworks. The result of a creative partnership between different players in the city. The idea is to give people the opportunity to be touched by original Melbournian artworks. Returning after a 20‑year interlude, the project’s blending of public transport and great local artists has proven hugely popular.

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“Mobility, you have to learn it!”

Florence Gilbert, Managing Director of Wimoov and Chairwoman of the Inclusive Mobility Laboratory.

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How can we make transport accessible to everyone?

Visible or invisible disabilities, impairments, health problems, illiteracy… we are not all equal when it comes to mobility. Here, we take a look at some initiatives which make mobility more inclusive, in response to four major human vulnerabilities researched in the context of the Keoscopie Observatory of habits and lifestyles.

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Riding into the future

Lars Backström is a man with a mission. He has no shortage of words when telling Pulse about the ambitious goals he has set for Västtrafik, the public transport authority he heads in southwestern Sweden’s Västra Götaland county.

Pulse #1 7 min

Paving the way for autonomous mobility

While self-driving cars may be getting all the attention, driverless shuttles are on the cusp of reshaping urban transport. Indeed, they are one of the first modes of autonomous mobility to become operational, with tests having started in several cities in 2016 and the first fleets expected to be deployed by 2021.

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