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Inspire ā€¢ Pulse #2 ā€¢ 2 min
By Jean-Pierre Montal

Public transport routes are like water channels crissā€‘crossing cities, irrigating their different districts.Ā  Each line tells, in its own way, the chapter of a bigger story. Inspirational stuff for artists and photographers in particular, always on the look out to get a unique shot. Situations, faces and moods brought together by urban transport. Realist, dreamā€‘like, funny and sometimes moving… discover in the following pages the many facets of New York, London and Singapore. Three cities revealed by their transport systems.


ā€œGiven that this most famous of cities is also probably one of the worldā€™s most photographed, I wanted to find my own way of telling a New York story. I came up with the idea of using the subway system with its grime, attitude and everyday hustle. Itā€™s the beating heart of an incredibly diverse city so I thought it would be the perfect place to capture somethingĀ  truly representative of New York.ā€



ā€œTransit is a work about the strange phenomenon of daily displacement. Travellerā€™s feelings are always concealed, except for that split second before the doors close, when they are confronted with an absolute stranger who is in the process of revealing their true inner feelings, forever in a still image.Ā  Transit became a game for me. One that creates a collective portrait of modern commuters. Of course, the photos areĀ allĀ random, just like the idea of meeting someone on a train being a random moment in time.ā€



ā€œWhile waiting for a friend outside a cafe in the winter I noticed how beautiful the illuminated windows of the passing busses were and how the rain and condensation made them look so painterly. That moment started a three year long project. I spent many cold and wet hours watching people in Londonā€™s double decker buses, making me feel like a wildlife photographer watching theĀ behaviour of a species in their natural habitat.ā€



Public transport in 2050 according toā€¦

Three artists, three cultures, three visions of the world. We gave them carte blanche to express what they think public transport will look like in 2050. An exhilaratingly fresh take on mobility!

Pulse #1 2 min
Montez le son !

Pump up the volume!

Metros, trains, stations and all those who frequent these busy transit areas are a source of endless inspiration for artists. In the eyes of composers and musicians, trains become allegories, the metro ticket inspector turns into a gentle dreamer, the cityā€™s effervescence is transposed into rhythmsā€¦ After all, itā€™s only natural that music echoes our lives.
For Pulse, Fred Charbaut, a specialist music journalist and co-founder of Parisā€™s Saint-Germain-des-PrĆ©s Jazz Festival, presents a musical selection inspired by the world of public transport. Tracks and stories to (re)discover.

Pulse #3 4 min