A car? Yes, but it’s shared!

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By Allan Barte


Une aire nouvelle pour les parkings

New spots opening up for parking

It wasn’t so long ago that underground garages were seen as dark, dirty and dangerous places, a sinister setting favoured by Hollywood filmmakers. Gloomy and dimly lit, they were a place in which to park your car and leave quickly. The image of parking facilities has improved markedly over the past decades, with safer, better illuminated lots and garages that are more welcoming for consumers. In recent years, the pace of changed has accelerated, with the industry undergoing a veritable reinvention in response to an array of global forces.

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La puissance de l'électromobilité

The power of electromobility

Electric buses hold the potential to spark a modal shift away from personal automobiles in cities and towns across the globe, lending them great promise in reshaping mass transit in our increasingly urbanised world.

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